In the distant lost ages Domortia was the lands of the Hizikean, they stretched across the earth with empires and numbers unmatched by the pale shadow of ages yet to come. This was an age before the shattering of the vale between worlds and the coming of the Atlanti. Like angry Gods the Atlanti broke the veil between worlds and sought to claim Domortia as their own.

With Dark knowledge and arcane machines they took what they pleased. Toppling empires and unleashing terrible magics that scourged the life from Hizikean cities.Within but a few cycles the Hizikean were a scattered and broken people. The Atlanti took the former Hizikean lands as their own to ruthlessly harvest the bounty of Domortia.

So Begin the age of the Atlanti and for three hundred and three score years they ruled the lands of Domortia. The Hizikean were enslaved and driven to the wild, great cities and territories arose from the conquered lands, lesser races of men where brought as slaves. This was a grand golden age of the Atlanti.

The sundering extinguished the flames of the golden age of the Atlanti. In a single day the great gatehold was swallowed by the sea, the Eldritch machines fell silent or engulfed entire cites in dark energies. The arcane masters of the Atlanti burned or went mad, killing even more Atlanti and ravaging the already weakened surviving settlements.

An age has past since the downfall of the Atlanti. Realms has risen and fallen, the boarder between Domortia and the Shadowed Realms has grown weaker. Beasts of the Fel and the Fay has crossed into lands once unknown and this age sees wonders and terrors unseen in the last.

In the Cozak provenance of the Mowaltep Empire changes are coming. For a generation the Mowaltep Empire’s grip has slipped from this wild and only half tamed land as its southern holdings rebelled and crumbled. Each year the troops and ships became less and less as the demands for taxes, ore and slaves increased. Four summers ago the last of the Mowaltep Sattari were ordered south,no word from the empire has since reached Luark. Ships sent south rarely return and word has trickled down that the Empire has fallen or is engaged in a civil war.

Now the Cozak lands lay in chaos.Dalmaks fall to Hizikean savages and rebels, the native Talcoltin are on the warpath, the Warlock Moljah extends his hold folding under defended lands into his Fel kingdom. War, famine and death abound in the once orderly lands as people reclaim ancient lands and near forgotten birthrights. as warlords and creatures of the Shadowed Realms reach across the shambles of civilization.

It is the birth of a new age, a time for heroes and kings to shape the world with deeds, iron and dark magics.

Ashes of Atlantis

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