The Hizikean are the Native Intelligent Species to the lands of Domortia. Before the arrival of the Atlanti, the Hizikean civilizations dominated large swaths of Domortia. The arrival of the Atlanti only brought invasion, enslavement, war and death to the Hizikean.

Hizikean are closely related to both birds and reptiles, but are neither. Hizikean are warm-blooded bipeds, covered in feathers, coloration varies by region and bloodlines. They have scaled, four digit hands and feet, all with long talon like claws ,of which the “Thumb” and “outer” toe have abnormally large, hooked talons.

Hizikean are descended from fierce predators. as such they retain much of that heritage. Hiziakean retain superior low light vision and sense of smell, but weaker hearing than a human, but hear into a lower range. Their powerful legs and feathered tail also enable them to make powerful leaps, short very fast sprints and an excellent sense of balance.

Hizikean Race Values
Hizikean Hunt Master

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