Hizikean Hunt Master

Hunting is a way of life for many Hizikean clans within Aldruess. No Hunter is more respected than a Huntmaster, most clans only have a few at any given time as to be called to the role of Hunt master is a life long dedication that takes skill not all Hizikean possess.

A Huntmaster advances throws and saving throws by two points every three levels of experience ( same as fighters). At first level, Huntmasters hit an unarmored foe (AC 0) with an attack throw of 10+.Huntmasters are skilled with any missile weapons as well as swords,daggers,spears and polearms. They may fight wielding a weapon two-handed, wielding a weapon in each hand, or wielding a weapon and shield. They may wear only Hide or lighter armor. They also are skilled at stealth gaining Hide, move silently and hear noise as a thief of the same level. They may use any magic item usable to a fighter and some usable to a thief

As a Hizikean a Huntmaster has three natural attacks, two claws(1d4-1) and a powerful kick(1d8-1) she may use if unarmed. A Huntsmen also has a powerful leap, excellent lowlight vision , Attuned to nature while being gifted with superior Alertness and the ability to Track by scent

At second level the Huntmasters long use of Missile weapons grants him a +1 to all attack rolls with missile weapons. At third level the Huntmaster has became so skilled at ambushes that when attacking with surprise, she gets a +4 bonus on attack throws and deals double damage on the attack.

At fourth level a Huntsmen add 4 to proficiency throws to avoid getting lost in any country they know or have hunted before. At seventh level the Huntmaster has became so skilled at fading into the background that she can seemingly disappear into woods and underbrush with a proficiency throw of 3 or better on a 1d20. In dungeons, if she is motionless and quiet in cover, she can escape detection with a proficiency throw of 14+ on 1d20. and at ninth level a Huntsmaster may conduct missile attacks against opponents engaged in melee at a -4 penalty to his attack throw. This is effectively the Precise Shooting proficiency, and a huntsmasterr may take ranks in the Precise Shooting proficiency to reduce this penalty to -2 or less.

At 9th level a Huntmaster may establish a hunting lodge. Doing so attracts 3d6x10 1st level NPC Hizikean to follow the Huntermen. They will defend his lodge and train under him.

Hizikean Hunt Master

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