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Ashes of Atlantis does not use the Normal Law,Neutral,Chaos system underlined in the core rulebook. The Lands of Domortia run under a different set of Supernatural Alignments,those imposed by the incursion of the shadowed Realm.

The Fey

The Fey are one of the two driving supernatural forces of the shadowed realms. They are things that embody the Order and natural cycles of nature,they are both divine and majestic beings, if utterly alien to the human mindset. The Fey ideas work by plans mortals will never live long enough to understand and driven by concepts and ideas mortals will never fully grasp. Those who align themselves with the fey are often granted secrets and knowledge unknown to mortals, they will understand the inner workings of the world and work to forward plans not of their own doing. To Align ones self with the fey is to be one with nature, but often be at odds with the non aligned races of the lands.


The unaligned are most mortal beings. They are not caught up with or do the bidding for the beings of the shadowed realms. They go about their lives without ever choosing a side of the seemingly endless conflict of warring ideologies within the Shadowed realms.

The Fel

The Fel are the second driving force within the shadowed realms. If the Fey are beings of natures cycles and order, the Fel are the embodiment of natures destructive urges and cycles of change. Of the two, the Fel is a much more straightforward concept, they want destruction, upheaval and change though such cleansing cycles. Those who align themselves with the Fel often do so for pure power, which the Fel gives for a price. They are unconcerned with what one does with such power as each is a vessel for change. The Fel empowers madmen and noble intended alike, as long as the price is meet. a price that is always in the form of mortal flesh in one form or another. From Bloody sacrifices to the taking of newborn babes, all these are within the price of a Fel pact.


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