The lands of Aldruess

The lands of Aldruess lay north of the Jalvark Mountains and east of the great Kulkaturn Mountain range, bordered by the Haltesk Sea. it is a lush and untamed land of Rolling forested hill, exsotic hardwoods and rare ores. Several rivers flow through the hilly and forested lands of Aldress, some large enough for rivercraft to pry its trade. Many are the lifeblood of the towns that center around them, the lifeline back to a more civil land.

A century ago Aldruess was the northernmost perfect of the fallen Mowaltep Empire. It was a wild land of primitive tribes and savage Mokkean warriors, but rich in ore and lumber. When it was a prefect of Mowaltep, the Great port city of Luark, sitting on the mighty Talmor river was both the capital and the hub of trade. From here, Lumber, furs, captive slaves and ore made its way back to the Imperial center and even into the wild northland kingdoms.

Much of those days are gone. When the Mowaltep Empire slowly crumbled seventy-four winters back, so to did much of the “Order” holding the lands of Aldruess together. Less trade came in from the south, troops stopped being paid, no communication from the empire was forthcoming. The lands did not take long to fall into lawless chaos as town fell upon town for supplies and ruler ship. Warlords arose to form small kingdoms that fell with its creator and tribes of savages raided the now under defended and rich villages, mines and farms with impunity.

Now the lands of Aldruess are broken into small domains and holdings scattered about the wilderness. Connected by bandit laden, badly repaired roads, the river paths are little better, often being “Taxed” by which ever “Lord” controls an area or loaded with river pirates. Below is a list of known Domains

The Barask of Luark( Large domain)
The Dom of Lord isgak (small domain)
The seven feathers Territory (Mokkean Holdings)
The Lork Lands (Human clans)
The Bilkval Lands (Human clans)
The Uvolko Lands (Human clans)
The Territory of The Sakkok (Mokkean Holdings)
The lands of the Holvorn (Human clans)
The Dom of Moljah the warlock (Small domain)
The Territories of the Iron fangs (Mokkean clan)
The Holdfast of the Norval Daanti ( Daanti holding)
The Oparvon Mine Barask ( Large Domain)
Territories of the Nine Kin ( Fel aligned Mokkean Clans)
The Celvom Lands (Human clans)
The Dom of Blackwater (Small farm based domain)

The lands of Aldruess

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